The Beginning
The venue had bare bricks, my exhales were turning to mist and I found myself keeping my jacket on. The band appeared and played distorted blues rock. The energy of the room was electric and the speakers rumbled. The show ended, the room filled with chatter and I was overcome with awe. I left the venue with a terrible migraine and the following day Smokin’ Vinyl was born.

I became obsessed with the Rolling Stones and Muddy Waters. I listened to a lot of southern and classic rock, and I found myself absorbed into a community. Metal entered my spectrum and I rediscovered my true love of grunge. Creativity, inspiration and hard work have pushed me to pursue my passion. It’s not far off now, as I ride each soundwave, I learn something new with each experience. Everything new that I learn I use to push myself forward. As I venture deeper into my mind, and this music blog, I realise this is only the beginning.

Experience and Qualifications
Smokin’ Vinyl has been running for over two years.
I have a BA (hons) in English Language and Linguistics (2:2)
Work experience for the What’s On supplement at the KM Gazette.
Work experience at the NME offices.
Features written for Classic Rock Society.
Reviews written for rocknloadmag.com.

The future is looking bright. Through determination and hard work, each day brings me one step closer to my end goal of success. What does that mean? You’ll have to wait and see.

© 2018 smokin-vinyl.com

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