Deaf Row: Buried Alive

Deaf Row

Standing in the middle of a tight crowd with the lights flashing and the words “Mother Mary won’t you whisper” screaming out of guest singer and local talent Estelle Mey. Deaf Row cover Sober by Tool. The song softens, the bass begins to grow and drummer Neil Price comes in with such passion that the hair on my arms stand on end. This level of emotion is what you can expect from a Deaf Row performance.

They have just released their EP Buried Alive featuring the single Leech which was accompanied with a lyric video – see below.

This band has a love of many musical genres and I feel that is reflected in their sound because you can’t really put them in one box. They have elements of grunge, metal and punk. A friend of mine was at the same Deaf Row gig I was discussing earlier, and it was their first time seeing them. They told me they thought lead singer Ozz had a Deftones vibe about his vocals. I have to say in certain sections I agree with this. Deftones are famous for having such an unusual sound that pulls on several genres. The Deaf Row sound is varied and the beginnings of something weird is certainly there. In most good quality music, weird is often a staple!

I want to take a moment now to focus on the work from lead guitarist Steve. Watching him live, he moves around the fretboard with minimal effort and is well worth watching for any musician or fan. Listening to the EP, the tracks that stand out for guitar work are The Pain and Suffering From a Tragic Event and Leech. Bassist Liam gives the band a thicker sound. He complements Steve’s work and ensures they make that extra bit of noise. My favourite bass section from Deaf Row is during the solo in Endless Days.

The vocal melodies are quite distinctive and I’ve found that’s how I’ve been differentiating between tracks. Vocalist Ozz doesn’t have a huge amount of confidence in his vocals and he’s humble when discussing his performances. I have to say he has put in so much hard work and it has paid off on the Deaf Row EP. There’s some gritty screamed sections and the softer sung parts have some great control. This EP is a perfect example of what you can achieve if you keep working hard at something.

Check out the various channels below to listen to the brand new EP Buried Alive and keep up with Deaf Row!



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