Salvation Jayne

Salvation Jayne

It’s rare that you come across a group of musicians that are so in tune with eachother. This really shows on the latest Salvation Jayne EP and it is largely down to the fact that when they play live they appear to know eachothers parts as well as their own. They are very good at their respective instruments, but are continually trying to improve. They don’t believe they are the greatest at what they do, and this humble attitude is part of what makes Salvation Jayne so appealing and approachable.

The EP features haunting new single Cortez which has received recognition from the likes of Metal Hammer having recently featured on their cover CD. There is also a mellow version of Juno which demonstrates how well these musicians can rearrange a song. For me, this is what makes Salvation Jayne stand out from the rest. There is so much control and feeling in this track – it’s both dark and sultry. The tone of the drums and the lyrics in The Art of Falling are what makes this track the highlight of the EP. Chess sings ‘a deep blue suicide‘ whilst Dan provides a deeper backing vocal which gives the whole sound a darkness. This is definitely one to listen to with headphones on and just drift away.

Chess Smith on vocals is so talented that she can pull off the power of the legendary Clare Torry. At recent live shows Chess has begun playing a keyboard alongside her vocals. Dan Lucas on bass is a respected music producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist who is always looking for new things to try out. He’s also recently begun providing music producing tuition at his Kent based studio Anchor Baby. Holly Kinnear performs the hottest slide guitar you’ve ever seen. She is well-worth catching live. Then there’s Tor Charlesworth on drums who is solid, charismatic and has an air of cool about her. Her years of drumming experience certainly show in her confidence and don’t forget to listen out for the cymbal work on this record.

I had a conversation with Holly recently where she explained that part of being in a band is working with musicians who are much better than you because it encourages you to improve and to perform at your best. This certainly shows in their latest EP and their live performances.

Salvation Jayne are holding their EP launch show at the Lady Luck in Canterbury on Friday November 16th.

Salvation Jayne
Salvation Jayne

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