Famyne: “We always try to do our own thing and be a little bit different.”

Image Source: Famyne Facebook

Poking your head round the door of several pubs in Canterbury will find the name Famyne crop up. It might be in conversation or one of the members might be sat enjoying a pint. The majority of metal gigs that happen in the area will usually have a member of Famyne in the audience because these guys live and breathe the metal scene.

They won Kent Metal 2 the Masses in 2016 and consequently played the popular Bloodstock Festival. They are now bringing out their debut self-titled album on September 22nd. To celebrate the release Famyne are hosting an album release party in London – on the River Thames.

The album blends doom, stoner and psychedelic metal. The bass is very thick, the vocals are grand and the guitars have low tunings. The whole record evokes early Black Sabbath and a continued journey towards impending doom. To get a deeper understanding of the record, Famyne spoke to Smokin’ Vinyl about the upcoming release.

Famyne has been together a number of years now. What’s the journey been like going from a newly formed band, to playing Bloodstock and now bringing out your debut album?
To be completely honest, the whole journey has flown by pretty quick. We’ve been a busy band in terms of gigging across the UK and Europe, writing material, and over the past year recording our debut album. Competing and winning Kent’s Metal 2 the Masses was certainly something that we will never forget. Playing at Bloodstock was an amazing experience and we hope that we will have the opportunity to play there again. We are set to release our album on September 22nd with the launch show being held on a large party boat on the River Thames! After that we’re on tour for a good three weeks around Europe and the UK supporting the release.

How long did the material take to write for the album?
Roughly 2 years. We continuously worked on all our songs, gigging and re-jigging them, adding and taking stuff away etc. Some bands do it all in the studio – we certainly do not.

What was the best part of the recording process?
Generally the best part is when you absolutely nail a take. We’re all rather self-critical to be honest. Knowing that you did well, and that what you’ve done will be forever immortalised in the final record, whilst daunting at first, can feel extremely cathartic.

What inspired the grand vocal style that is distinct to the Famyne sound?
Tom Vane: How long have you got? Nothing consciously ‘inspired’ it per se. As with any artist it’s a product of everything that has led up till now. What’s far more effective, as far as I have learned, is to have others describe what they hear in my words, and to use that to try and narrow the search within myself (if you get what I’m saying). Kind of like a search engine for ones own brain!

The promotional images that have been released for the upcoming record are incredible. Who designed these?
An amazing Russian artist called ‘Vergvoktre’. That’s kind of all we know about the guy, to be honest. That, and him being a guy…we think…

The album launch party is set on the River Thames. Why did you choose this setting?
Jake Cook: The idea had been brewing around inside my head for a little while, but when I started to look into venues for the album release it started to dawn upon me that it could actually be a reality. I called around the rest of the guys to see what their thoughts were and I believe that the general feeling was ‘let’s look into it and see what the possibilities are.’ It’s not something bands seem to do. Anyhow, I did my research/enquiries and within a few weeks the boat was booked and tickets were put on sale. I think that the idea of the event and the setting, is a statement of how we always try to do our own thing and be a little bit different.












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