Image Source: Nosebleed Facebook

From a small bar in the heart of Canterbury, a vintage rock and roll sound spills out onto the cobbled street. I walk in and the atmosphere is lively with the crowd pressed against each wall. The sound is coming from three men. Two sharply dressed in white and black with shiny shoes and braces. The third sat behind a drum kit with an infectious smile and endless energy.

Introducing Nosebleed. A trio from Leeds who take their inspiration from Chucky Berry, Little Richard and the legendary Motörhead to name a few. Their sound is unique, but enjoyable, and there’s a strong energy and entertainment value to their live performance. Vocalist Eliott tells Smokin’ Vinyl more about the Nosebleed sound.

The longest track you have on your album Scratching Circles On The Dancefloor is 2 minutes 16. The whole album only totals at around 20 minutes. Is there a reason for this?
No reason really! Long songs are boring I guess. These are real attention span grabbing songs – they don’t give you time to get bored. Our writing process is really quick. We can have a song written and finished in five minutes, which in turn leads to short songs. They match the frantic nature of our music. We’re currently writing our second album, and we promise some tracks sneak over two and a half minutes.

Your sound is diverse and unique, what inspired that? Particularly in tracks like I’m Shaking.
Our music is really inspired by my influences: old fifties rock ‘n roll – Chuck Berry and Little Richard, as well as my favourite band of all time, Motörhead. We’re collectively big fans of the Hives, which I think really comes across. Dicky, our drummer is really into his South American beats and that translates into some of our drum tracks. I think collectively we listen to a lot of rock ‘n roll music, and therefore we write a lot of rock ‘n roll songs.

The live performances you put on are high-energy and fun. You guys don’t seem to take yourselves too seriously. Do you find this translates into your music?
We hope it translates. I don’t want to put on a show for people and look bored. If we’re not having fun then how can anyone else expect to have fun? I want to be the band I’d want to go and see live. I think that makes our songs what they are. For example, we’re all political people. We have strong beliefs and views which are based on our scene and friends, but we don’t put that into our music. Rock ‘n roll is supposed to be fun, so we hope above all the fun comes across in our songs.

What do you hope to achieve with your music? It’s quite refreshing to come across a band that’s doing something different.
I guess the same that everyone wants to achieve. If I could quit my job and do this full-time, I would. I’d sell out, I’d do butter adverts, and sell insurance if it meant I could be a full-time musician. But really, as long as I get to keep going out and playing shows with my best mates, it’s all good.

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