Rainbreakers: Face to Face

A blisteringly hot Wednesday in 2016 saw me in a fluster as I prepared for my first professional band interview. I changed outfit three times trying to find something that was cool, yet professional. I settled on a black, cut-out shoulder, A-Line dress with floral detailing on the skirt hem.

I alighted the train in Sittingbourne and instantly had to ask someone how to get to the town centre because the road layout didn’t allow for easy crossing. I hurried down the street and ended up on top of the venue sooner than I expected. I rang lead singer Ben to inform him of my arrival, and ended up making friends with their Westie cross named Millie. I was here to interview the Rainbreakers about their EP Rise Up.

They struck me with their technical ability and unique sound. However, they played to a half empty back room in a pub. Now, it’s 2018, and I have a copy of their debut album Face to Face sent to me via email. Their album launch show is set for August 29th in their hometown of Shrewsbury and they’ve sold it out.

The album features lead single Heavy Soul. Vocalist Ben Edwards spoke to Smokin’ Vinyl back in May, “Heavy Soul is about an ongoing battle I have with myself. I have suffered from depression for many years now and this song is about how it makes me feel.”

The album contains some tracks that have been previously published on earlier EP’s such as Ain’t Nothin’ Going On in a new arrangement and the delicate Waiting On You with a brand new ending called Moving On. There’s one more familiar favourite and that’s On My Knees. Ben’s voice carries a weariness, and each guitar note has got an emotive quality – something I feel lead guitarist Charlie has always been good at.

My personal favourite is Lay It On Me because it’s got a funk rhythm, and with all good funk lines, you can really move to them. I think someone needs to choreograph an urban dance to this!

If you’re a fan of blues, funk, soul, pop, or if you’re me, then all four! Then this album could be to your liking. Out 31st August, don’t miss it!

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