Rainbreakers: Ben Edwards talks about Heavy Soul

Image Source: Rainbreakers

Technology is advancing by the minute and with the introduction of social media, a more instant approach to connecting with people has become available. I caught up with lead vocalist Ben Edwards on Facebook to discuss the Rainbreaker’s brand-new single Heavy Soul.

Music is known for being a creative outlet for the artist who has suffered. Rock, metal and blues in particular are the top genres for talking about sadness and more specifically, mental health. Ben explains the importance of the single, “Heavy Soul is about an ongoing battle I have with myself. I have suffered from depression for many years now and this song is about how it makes me feel.” The great thing about music is that people can relate to it and it helps people to confront their demons, something Heavy Soul will be able to do for so many.

Charities, organisations and even the government are starting to stand up and make changes. Efforts are being made to help as many people as possible and reduce the number of mental health related tragedies – you only have to look at the recent losses in the music industry to understand the scale of the problem. Ben comments, “I think it is something that is in the process of change. It takes a long time for a society to accept something and for the help to be put into place. It can’t be done over night. I do believe we are on the correct path though.”

Heavy Soul has a modern feel and the sound is certainly fashionable. It could slot into the mainstream with a huge variety of people listening to it. I asked Ben what he made of this and he replied, “I’m glad you think that! We wanted to write a song that was true to ourselves. We hoped it could act as a crossover track that would allow a wider audience to listen to us, and hopefully discover our other material, as well as bands that influence us.” This is becoming increasingly difficult because there are so many musicians out there trying to make it and the market ends up getting flooded, so not everyone gets heard.

The Rainbreaker’s are an exciting band. Mostly because they share blues influences, but they have their own, modern sound. Often bands get influenced by their idols and end up sounding like carbon copies rather than being themselves and creating something new. I wanted to find out what Ben thinks of the current blues scene, “I don’t believe we are a blues band, but we certainly have tendencies from that genre in our music, and if we can help keep real music, and real bands around then we are doing something right. It’s great to see new bands with older styles coming through and making progress like The Temperance Movement and Rival Sons. They are paving the way for the next set of bands to come through, as well as stepping on the toes of other music in the charts which is great to see.” Ben concludes by commenting on how far the Rainbreakers have come. I last spoke to the band back in 2017 when they released their EP Rise Up, “I never truly believed that I would get to do some of the things we are doing now and it’s fantastic! I keep referring to my bucket list of things I’d like to do in my life and it’s great to be able to tick them off slowly.”

You can catch the Rainbreakers at the Carlisle Blues Rock Festival in September.

Website: http://www.therainbreakers.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rainbreakers/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RainbreakersUK

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