Phoxjaw: Goodbye Dinosaur…


I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to review Phoxjaw’s upcoming debut EP ‘Goodbye Dinosaur…’ set for release on March 23rd. Why? Because they are so damn good! For me it is refreshing to be presented with something like this to review because I love this genre of music and I don’t often get the chance to write for bands like this.

'Goodbye Dinosaur...'

I had the pleasure of interviewing Josh Gallop from Phoxjaw back in January and we talked about their single ‘Lottery’ and dinosaurs! Phoxjaw are back again and this time we’ve got the full EP up and running.

What makes Phoxjaw stand out is their grungy riffs and strong, youthful vocals. What does that mean? I hear you ask. Well, if you think about the heavier side to Nirvana, so we’re talking In Utereo and a bit of Bleach. Take away the Kurt Cobain grit in the vocals and imagine a more ‘mainstream’ sound than Scentless Apprentice and you’ve got Phoxjaw. Fan of the Deftones? You’ll like these guys too.

The EP opens with an instrumental introduction track. It’s eerie, it’s distorted and it’s probably the sort of sound you would hear if you knocked on Dracula’s front door. Triceratops is the one we’ve been waiting for since our last chat where we spoke about what’s yet to come. The guys promised more energy and that’s certainly the case with Triceratops. The bass and guitars twang throughout this track and leave a dark shadow over the listener. Check it out here.

If you caught my chat with Phoxjaw back in January then you’ll be familiar with Lottery. If not, check it out below. Or check it out anyway because it’s a great track!

Weapons has two strong contrasts throughout. The chorus is raw and punches you in the face and the verses are soft and mainstream radio friendly. This produces an unpredictable and likeable track for fans spanning several genres. During the verses of Dinosaur Bones the bass stands out and the lyrics to the chorus are pretty catchy. The track also holds a unique song structure which should keep your attention. Plastic Wedding closes the EP and features the ultimate crowd bouncing riff.

Track Listing

The Great Dying




Dinosaur Bones

Plastic Wedding


Phoxjaw Interview:

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