Dramalove are a rock and roll band from Italy that have made the trip to the UK where they hope to make it big, and so far they haven’t disappointed. Thanks to their striking look and accessible pop rock, their live shows keep you wanting to come back for more.

I spoke with lead singer and guitarist Diego Soncin to find out more about their recently released EP ‘How to Wear a Broken Heart’ and the future of Dramalove. The rest of the band consists of Riccardo Soncin on bass and Dimitri Merati on drums.

What artists influence your sound?
Placebo, Muse, Royal Blood, Radiohead and Black Sabbath.

That’s a diverse set of artists. Gives you a unique sound that is both rock and roll and also accessible in the mainstream charts. Who writes the material in the band?
Thank you. I’m glad you’re saying this as I’ve always found it hard to stick to one genre. I am the songwriter. I usually arrive in the practice room with the main idea (melody, riff and harmony) and then we work on that together.

You have just released your latest single ‘Funeral’. What is that song talking about?
It explores the delicate avenue of the inner self. I wrote that when I had just relocated to the U.K. from Italy last year. I thought I had a big momentum. Everything was changing drastically around me and I had to look deep within myself for resources I never thought I had. I think it is a kind of calling to get back to who I used to be as a teenager. A speech between the actual me and the teenage me who’s saying, “everything you used to be was so beautiful, so natural”, and I believe everyone should look for answers from inside when in front of obstacles and challenging moments. I also believe that writing works as a self-therapy and helps me put out stuff I wouldn’t be able to explain in ordinary words.

“Everything was changing drastically around me and I had to look deep within myself for resources I never thought I had. I think it is a kind of calling to get back to who I used to be as a teenager.”

That’s very complex and personal. I truly agree with what you have said. I feel writing works in a similar way for me too, though it is not musical. It is important that you have this as it is a healthy channel to deal with any issues. Why did you move from Italy to the UK?
After playing around Italy we figured out that it is just not suited for proper rock music. I mean there are rock bands, but it’s more song writing stuff, which I still love, but the UK is the homeland for rock festivals. It is more in the culture here and people are going to unsigned bands gigs. It looks like hard working bands are getting rewarded and our choice has paid off well so far.

Do you get a better response from the crowd here?
In a certain way yes, people engage a lot. We had lots of very good moments back in Italy as well, but as I said it is going pretty well here so far.

What is your favourite aspect of performing live?
The contact with the audience. I love feeling the energy we give coming back to us. The look in their eyes when they sing along to the lyrics is all fantastic. Also, every single gig is always different. Even if you play the same set, it is always going to be unique.

What have we got to look forward to in the future of Dramalove?
At the moment we’re trying to sort out some management. After the excellent results at our recent shows in Canterbury we’ve been contacted by a few, and so we need to figure out which path to take. We’re planning to tour the country again this summer, and the May 17th we’re listed to play at the Great Alt Escape in Brighton. However, in the short term we’re now focusing on promoting the next big gig on March 10th at the Booking Hall in Dover where we’re looking forward to seeing you all!

Dramalove: How to Wear a Broken Heart


Website: https://www.dramalove.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dramalove/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dramaloveband
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/instadramalove/

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