The Bad Flowers: Starting Gun

The Bad Flowers Starting Gun

The Bad Flowers are due to release their debut album ‘Starting Gun’ on 16th February.

The record as a whole has a matured sound and has indicators of more artistic thought compared to previous work and other bands on the scene. From the opening track to the album’s final second, an emotion can be felt and the lyrical content has been carefully crafted.

The band’s latest single release ‘Thunder Child’ opens the album, and anyone who has heard it prior to the album release can begin by singing along as there is some familiarity there for the listener. The second track on the album is likely to catch the attention of a music fan who enjoys their records a bit heavier. ‘Lions Blood’, aptly named, demonstrates a potential heavier direction for the band with the vocals provided by Tom Leighton building up to a scream, but not quite reaching it, a bit of a Dave Grohl esque sound if you will. The next track worthy of note on this album is certainly ‘I Hope’ and the moment it is played, you’ll know why. The opening riff and tone of the track is like David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’, one of the great masterpieces in rock history and of course the acoustic variation provided by this track sets it apart from the backdrop of traditional electric guitar sounds produced by the rest of the album. Track six, ‘Let’s Misbehave’, is the one for all those music fans who appreciate well thought-out lyrical content, probably fans of Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan. The mood of the song is sombre, and it is most notable in the delivery of the lines. The album ends with ‘City Lights’, a track first published on their EP, and it was inspired by the refugee crisis whilst the band was in Vienna witnessing many people homeless and cold.

This album is not your average four-chord record filled with lyrics about women and broken relationships. The content on this album delves deeper into life’s more prominent questions and these are displayed using more intricate and creative musical structures.

Check out The Bad Flowers on the various online platforms provided below, and if you like what you hear, then grab yourself a ticket and catch them on their upcoming tour alongside Stone Broken and Jared James Nichols.

You can also catch them via Instagram, Spotify and YouTube.



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