Electronic, progressive and artistic are three words that sum up Mutant-Thoughts. Comprised of Han Luis Cera (Synths, Vocals), Joshua Lennox-Hilton (Bass, Backing Vocals), and Tom Pearmain (Drums, Backing Vocals), Mutant-Thoughts is only a trio, yet their sound is so big it feels like an electronic orchestra.

Track Listing

  1. Is This Me?
  2. What Do You See?
  3. Chaos And Entropy
  4. Trying To Make Sense
  5. Alone
  6. Adaptation

    This whole EP escorts the listener on an emotional journey and Mutant-Thoughts display attributes of creativity that were famously used by Pink Floyd with the use of voice actors to read out text and the blend of rock and synths to produce a truly original sound. Below is a taster of what these artists have to offer and I caught up with Mutant-Thoughts to find out more about their art.

What are your main musical influences? 
Pink Floyd, Radiohead, How to Destroy Angels, Talk Talk. Our bass player is also into Naysayer.

What are the themes of the album?
The EP is about chaos, dealing with a traumatic situation and getting out of it and becoming stronger at the end, but not until we’ve actually faced and dealt with those issues. Each song is a stage of this process.

Tell me about the instrumentation because there is a lot going on here.
Han Luis Cera: Well, we’re actually just a trio, synths, bass, drums, and vocals. The bass player and myself do the vocals. I’m on lead vocals and he’s backing. The drummer also sang a few lines on the EP. As well as Fabiola Morales, who did the female backing vocals on “Is This Me?” and “Alone”. We also invited Elma Houghton and Nino D’Angelo to do clarinet, saxophone and trumpet on “Chaos and Entropy”. Sean Evens did the voice acting for the poems in “What Do You See?” and “Trying to Make Sense”. 

How would you describe your sound using only a few words?
Experimental Alternative Synth-Rock

What is coming up in the future for Mutant-Thoughts? 
We’re already working on new stuff for a future project, but in the meantime we’re trying to promote this EP as much as possible and we are looking for gigs outside of Bristol as well to do that.







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