Dead Man’s Whiskey Live At The Underworld

Dead Man's Whiskey

Dead Man’s Whiskey played the Underworld in Camden on Thursday 26th October supporting Bigfoot and they rocked it down to the foundations.

The Camden Underworld is in an excellent location situated right next to The World’s End pub which attracts a diverse alternative crowd perfect for the fans coming out to see the rock and roll bands live next door. Upon entering, fans flock down the flight of stairs to the underground venue and are greeted by the bar and creative merchandise stands set up by the bands. Crash cymbals, bass and electric driven chords resonate throughout the bricks and mortar and guide the excited fan round the corner and into the performance room featuring a mezzanine and steps down to the main rock and roll floor for fans who want to be up close and personal.

The floor begins to fill up with people and alcohol fuelled conversations begin to rise up into an incoherent babble. The lights go up and right on queue Dead Man’s Whiskey walk on stage and the crowd roars. Live, Loud & Ready kicks off the set and each member of the band looks to be having a great time, this is their moment to shine and no one is going to take that away from them. Charlie’s double bass kicks were punchy and precise and provided a solid foundation to the performance. Nico’s personality begins to shine through in his performance during My Year when he takes off his jacket in true comical Nico style bringing a smile to every person’s face in the crowd. Elliott and Billy effortlessly performed their rhythm and lead roles and their talents stood out the most during the breakdown where everything gets a little bit louder!  Due to some minor technical faults, some of the set was not performed as planned, yet due to the bands undying professionalism, not one of these hitches affected any of the sound and they dealt with it full of grace and rock and roll attitude. Me & Mary Jane brought the cowbell into the spotlight exciting all the Black Stone Cherry fans in the room.

Dead Man's Whiskey
Nico (lead vocals) at Dead Man’s Whiskey. Photo Credit: Darren Standen
Dead Man's Whiskey
James (bass guitar) at Dead Man’s Whiskey. Photo Credit: Darren Standen

Dead Man’s Whiskey recently released This Fight as a single off of their brand-new debut album Under The Gun, this was the fifth track to feature in their live set starting off with it’s brilliant bass line delivered by James. The harmonised vocals during the chorus really stood out and the crowd were singing the words straight back at the band. During War Machine, Nico jumps into the crowd and becomes an audience member for a few moments admiring his other band mates executing each of their roles. The set was completed with Rooster Crows where every band member gave it their all one last time for their debut performance at the Camden Underworld.

Dead Man's Whiskey
Elliott (rhythm guitar) at Dead Man’s Whiskey. Photo Credit: Darren Standen
Dead Man's Whiskey
Charlie (drums) at Dead Man’s Whiskey. Photo Credit: Darren Standen
Dead Man's Whiskey
Billy (lead guitar) at Dead Man’s Whiskey. Photo Credit: Darren Standen

Set List 
Live, Loud & Ready
My Year
Me & Mary Jane
Hoe Street
This Fight
Racing Bullet
Kiss From A Rose
War Machine
Rooster Crows

Check out their brand new single ‘This Fight’ off of their debut album ‘Under The Gun’.




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