Gallows Circus

Gallows Circus are a four-piece dirty, blues rock and roll band from Kent influenced by the likes of Free, Led Zeppelin and Black Stone Cherry.

Their EP kicks off with the super catchy ‘Game On’ which is sure to get crowds moving and singing along. The vocal control is paramount here and it is undoubtedly pulled off to the highest level. Up next is ‘Bones To Pick’, by far the standout track on the EP featuring a mellow introduction due to the soft guitar tone and vocals. Increasing in pace, the vocals strengthen ready for the upped tempo allowing this track to appeal to both blues lovers and heavier listeners. As the chorus kicks in a thunderous guitar riff drops accompanied by the sounding of the hi-hat, building up to the incredible breakdown later on in the track that has the drums and bass laid on thick. ‘Good For My Fever’ has electric guitar ecstasy in it’s breakdown which is sure to make your ears prick up if nothing else does. Ballad like vocals fuelled with rock ‘n’ roll take over ‘Holding My Breath’ steeped with emotion and a beautiful string arrangement can be heard in the background. The EP ends on ‘Above Snakes’, a bit of high-energy classic rock and roll infused with a seriously soulful breakdown.

Track Listing
1) Game On
2) Bones To Pick
3) Good For My Fever
4) Holding My Breath
5) Above Snakes

Gallows Circus is comprised of Ian Day on vocals, Jim Rycroft on guitar, Richard Tunbridge on bass and Steve Kitchener on drums. I spoke to the band about their upcoming debut EP release and one I thing I learnt was that it is #chininducing!

Where did the band name come from?
The band name brings together two themes that juxtapose. The Gallows being a macabre, dreadful instrument of death and circus having a more fun insinuation. (If not more creepy these days) Think back to times when people of all ages (even as a family!) Would go to the gallows for a day out – as entertainment – a spectacle of horror.

What are the main themes of your debut EP?
We wanted the E.P. to appeal to heavier listeners as well as more casual listeners and traditional blues audiences. We love writing hooky choruses that wont leave your head for days, if not weeks. The main lyrical themes are about adapting and overcoming adversity and growing thicker skin.
We tried to choose tracks for the E.P. that showed our dynamic and a mix up of the genres we love.

What is coming up in the future for Gallows Circus?
We already have enough material for an album which we will start recording in 2018 with a follow-up tour sometime later in the year. We’re still pretty fresh on the scene, so we’d like to cut our teeth some more and promote our sound. No doubt our sound will evolve again during this time! If we had to sum up our sound, it would be #chininducing!

This EP is an absolute must-purchase upon release in December! Don’t miss out!!



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