Exclusive: Colt48 Release Music Video for ‘Vindictive’


Colt48 are a high-energy, rocking duo from London. Their sound is bold and inoffensive, singing about life experiences with catchy choruses. Filled to the brim with punchy, electric riffs and solid drum beats, Colt48 are ready to hit the hard rock scene with a bang!

Colt48 is comprised of Adam Jerome on vocals & guitar and Matt Savini on drums & programming. Their debut EP is due for release on November 2nd which was engineered and mixed by Chris Clancy and Colin Richardson. I caught up with this hard rock duet to find out more about Colt48 and their brand-new single ‘Vindictive’ off of their upcoming self-titled debut EP.

How did Colt48 form? 
Adam: Colt48 were formed from the remnants of Kent 3 piece 48Hours in June 2017. Long-time friends and founding members of 48Hours Adam Jerome and Matt Savini, decided to go it alone and try a more stripped back approach as a two piece, and so far it’s gone down a treat.

What are your main musical influences? 
Matt: In terms of influences, my mother and late father inspired me to be the best person I can and I always try to do anything with their thoughts and values in mind. I tend to listen to all sorts of music now, however the first band that got me into heavy music was SOiL, but it was the film ‘The Commitments’ that made me want to drum.

Adam: My influences really boil down to bands like Bon Jovi, iron maiden and Metallica, those bands made me want to pick up a guitar and rock out. Along the way, bands like Nirvana, Puddle of Mudd, SOiL and Chevelle have further influenced my style of playing or writing.

You recently supported Puddle of Mudd alongside Feral Sun, how was that experience? 
Adam: Supporting Puddle Of Mudd was a dream come true, that band held so many memories of growing up for me, whether it was be me and my first girlfriend listening to Come Clean on our Walkman’s at lunch, or about 8 years ago when Wes sent me a message to my old band’s Myspace page saying he really liked our music and to keep it up, so it was an absolute honour to open for then and our buddies in feral sun. the crowd loved our set which was perfect as we had hired our friend Ben at Forgotten Media to film the show for the ‘Vindictive’ music video, and we did really well at the merch booth that night so we could not complain. Plus we got to hang out with Wes after which was brilliant too

You have recently made a video for the single Vindictive, what is the song about?
 Adam: Vindictive is an upbeat rocker through and through, and the song is essentially based on the theme of overcoming adversity, whether that be standing up to the school or workplace bully, walking away from a poisonous relationship, or just dealing with the day to day grind life throws at us. It’s about putting your middle finger in the air and saying ‘no more’.

What is coming up in the future for Colt48?
Matt: In terms of the rest of the year, we’ll be heading up to Newcastle for a show on 13th October, opening for crazy town on October 28th, then we’ll be releasing our self-titled EP on November 2nd! After that, definitely touring more in the new year and releasing more new music, we are hopefully heading overseas for a short run next year too, but it’s all in the planning stages at the moment.

Check out the video below for the single ‘Vindictive’.

Colt48 are hosting their EP launch show at The Black Heart in Camden on November 2nd. Attending the release show will get you an exclusive hard copy of the EP so, it is well worth attending and it is set to be a great night!

Tickets Available Here:



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