In Crowded Skies

In Crowded Skies are a progressive rock band from kent consisting of Pete Herbert (vocals & bass), Shaun Taylor (guitar), Rhys May (guitar) and Matt Downes (drums). They have just recently released a brand-new EP Fools which packs a unique progressive sound with an artistic spin on it’s structure as Another Number acts as an introductory track to the final track on the EP Count Me In. I caught up with Pete Herbert on vocals and bass to find out more about In Crowded Skies and their brand-new EP Fools.

How did the band form?
Through social media adverts and a mutual friend.

What are the bands main musical influences?
It’s pretty varied to be honest. We all listen to plenty of bands (local and signed) but, I guess the one that we all seem to identify with is Coheed and Cambria, Circa Survive and Dance Gavin Dance.

What are the themes of the album content?
It’s mostly about personal experiences with a bit of fiction added in for good measure. We approach trust and deceit, happiness, loss, regret, and believing in yourself. There is definitely a variety of emotions throughout the EP.

What’s the story behind Another Number and Count Me In? They flow seamlessly into one another however, Another Number is almost like an introduction. What inspired that?
It was actually a happy accident with Another Number. We had originally been working on another piece of music for it but, one day in the studio Rhys and Matt began working on something and it just clicked immediately. Count Me In is a bit of a journey for me, it’s basically about having my regrets in life, as we all do, but, also accepting the fact that we only live once and to make the most of your journey.

What is coming up in the future for In Crowded Skies?
We have just finished a successful tour of the UK, making new fans and friends along the way. What’s next? Booking shows for the rest of the year and beyond! 


Contact Information
Instagram: @InCrowdedSkies


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