Dead Man’s Whiskey: Under The Gun

Live, Loud And Ready are three perfect words to describe fast growing rock and roll band Dead Man’s Whiskey following the release of their debut album Under The Gun. Having gigs cropping up all over the country and just recently being signed to TMR Management, Dead Man’s Whiskey are taking the rising rock world by storm.

Their sound is strong and has a party atmosphere about it making them more than capable of filling stadiums. The stand out track on the album is Make You Proud due to Nico’s stunning grunge infused vocals. I caught up with Nico Rogers on lead vocals to see how Dead Man’s Whiskey are feeling about Under The Gun. The rest of the band is comprised of Billy Kons on lead guitar, Elliott D’Alvarez on rhythm guitar, James Titley on bass and Charlie Gray on drums.

What’s the idea behind the album cover?
Under the gun in poker is the player who goes first and there is a lot of pressure on him to have a strong hand. With us it’s a play on words, since this is our debut album and not a lot of people know us yet, we want to give a strong impression.

The idea for the album cover is pretty cool, I like the meaning of it. You can tell I’ve never played poker! How was the recording experience?
Recording was great fun, not very rock and roll, we mostly played video games and ate salad when not at the studio but, working with Ronesh itself was great. We learnt tonnes about the musical process and became super close as a band.

So the recording process brought you closer as a band, did it help you gel in terms of friendship or was it more on a professional band level, of course I understand those are two different relationships.
Both professional and personal, we learned our strengths and weaknesses under pressure and also learned what its like to live in the same room as one another.

It’s interesting you ate salad during the recording instead of binging on fast food. Was that to ensure a better performance or just personal preference?
Salad was because I made all the food, we ate Bolognese and went out a couple of times but, I love salad! A bit of feta and a nice dressing, I’m in heaven. Plus, it’s cheap!

Who are your main musical influences that inspired your debut album?
Inspirations for the album include G’n’R, Black Stone Cherry, Shinedown and Alter Bridge.

What’s the meaning behind ‘Make You Proud’ and ‘My Year’?
My Year is about not wasting time instead reaching one’s musical potential. Taking this year as the end of lethargy and the start of rock stardom. Make You Proud is about my mum getting cancer, and me wanting to make something to show her that everything I do is aimed towards repaying the love and effort put into raising me.

Nico, I’m sorry to hear that. The song is beautiful. What does your mum make of it all?
She enjoyed it a lot, sadly she has trouble with short term memory so it doesn’t really stick but when she remembers she is proud. Which is a great feeling

You say you feel a lot of pressure with the release of your first album. How has it gone down for you guys so far, have you found it has been well received and met your expectations?
The pressure is still on, and the album is still being received. The reception so far has been phenomenal, and it’s a source of great happiness that people are enjoying our work.

Following their debut album ‘Under The Gun’ released earlier this year, the boys are back with a video for their new single ‘This Fight’. Packed full of live action shots performed in a derelict building, the video for ‘This Fight’ exudes their rockstar qualities and shows off their band’s character. Check it out below!







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