Hair Trigger

Raw and bleeding with emotion is heavy metallers Hair Trigger hailing from the south east corner of the UK. Due to release their self-titled debut EP on September 1st. Taking influence from the likes of Machine Head, Linkin Park, Slipknot and Muse the sound of this EP is complex and diverse and offers something different to the current metal scene.

Hair Trigger let loose at Anchor Baby Studios in mid June and produced an exceptional first recording with Dan Lucas. Jack Trevelyan on vocals was brutal during his recording by taking an ice cold shower and burning himself with a lighter to get the most organic sound from his performance.

The EP kicks off with ‘End Of The Road’, a blues inspired piece, ‘I see the devil smiling at the end of the road‘ which harks back to the delta blues where Robert Johnson reigned supreme. An electrifying riff leads you into the hard and fast tension building drums before hitting the grit of Jacks vocals and with this track comes a strong, catchy chorus that will be sure to get you singing along. Littered throughout are minor details delivered by the lead guitarist Karl Standen who embellishes the track ensuring you hear something different with each listen of the recording.

An early Slipknot vibe is channelled in the rhythm and tone of ‘The Anarchist’. The vocal layering creates an erratic vibe to the track and puts the listener into a mentally confused state. Reminiscent of Stone Sour is track three, ‘Relentless’, which is certainly single material taking a slightly softer approach to its sound and featuring a more anthemic chorus. Track four, ‘Six Feet Deep’ is built on a strong drum foundation provided by Aidan Edwards that is intertwined with a deep bass line laid down by Will Mihr.

There is certainly a distinct Hair Trigger sound with this EP, but the final track ‘Antipresence’ is somewhat of an anomaly and arguably the best track on the EP. A chilled progressive riff opens the track silencing rooms to allow the listener to enter deep thought, until the entrance of the thumping drums enter and the hi-hat begins to sound ticking away to bring that rhythmic build up ready for the vocal scream of an animal. An intricate bass line and a fusion of genius including Matt Bellamy, Tom Morello and David Gilmour bring the inspiration for the whammy infused riff that takes over this masterpiece forming the gateway to the nu metal rap that is the mid section of this track.

Track Listing
1. End Of The Road
2. Anarchist
3. Relentless
4. Six Feet Deep
5. Antipresence

There is no mistaking that Hair Trigger have the capability to take the metal world by storm with their stunning debut self-titled EP due for release at their launch party hosted by The Attic in Ashford on September 1st. They are also due to play Canterbury’s most popular rock and roll bar The Lady Luck on October 25th so be sure to attend for a memorable night of live, raw heavy metal!

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