Bad Solution: The War Within

Having received critical acclaim from one of the world’s highest-selling rock and roll magazines, Bad Solution are rising out of the underground metal scene and are ready to kick some ass.

“Bad Solution are all about big riffs and bigger choruses. Reminiscent of Five Finger Death Punch or a chunkier Shinedown” – Kerrang

Bad Solution are set to release their debut album The War Within on 4th August. Made clear by the stunning album artwork that is sure to go down in history along with the world’s most iconic album sleeves such as Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Nevermind and The Dark Side Of The Moon, this album follows the themes of mental illness, monotonous everyday life, addiction and loss.

Image Source: Bad Solution
Bad Solution: The War Within. Album Artwork.

The lead single, ‘Drowning’ discusses the personal side to lead singer Alex Willox, “Drowning deals with the struggles of drink, drugs and mental health, it also discusses suicidal thoughts and tendencies. It’s a song that is straight from my thoughts and feelings, and I hope others can relate to it and know they are not alone. We are here for everyone who needs us.” Found particularly poignant at this time where the world has recently lost one of it’s greatest grunge vocalists Chris Cornell, and of course the very sad loss of Chester Bennington who fronted the platinum-selling Linkin Park, a band that has influenced thousands of musicians worldwide.

The whole record is packed full of jaw-dropping riffs, phat drum beats and vocals that will pleasure the ears of any metal fan. Screaming with influences from Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed and Shinedown, ‘Nothing (You Don’t Know Me)’ opens with a melodic riff and features skilled transitions between softened and growling vocals. The use of the kick drum brought by Joe Patterson is pure metal magic in this track.

Bad Solution boasts a diverse line-up of both Polish and British members featuring Alex Willox (Vocals), Trix (Guitar & Backing Vocals), Mariusz Chojnowski (Guitar), Wojtek Suberlak (Bass Guitar) and Joe Patterson (Drums) who together have created tracks such as ‘The Last Lie’ which showcases the harmonies of Alex and Trix. A fantastic drum and screeching guitar section with throbbing bass lines laid down by Trix, Mariusz, Wojtek and Joe steal the lime light in ‘FOD’.

Track Listing
Bad Solution
The War Within
1. Drowning
2. Nothing (You Don’t Know Me)
3. Demon In My Bed
4. Self Destruct
5. Echoes Of The Cry
6. The Last Lie
7. Desert Rock
8. Dear Sarah
9. FOD
10. White Washed

The album release show for The War Within is at The Fighting Cocks in Kingston on August 4th. Link for tickets and contact information are available below.







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