The SoapGirls – Society’s Rejects

The SoapGirls are a sisterly duet taking the UK by storm. Their brand of catchy, political and strongly valued revolt rock is catching the attention of even the most prudish of listeners.
Upon first glance of the SoapGirls you may get the wrong idea, but I urge you to dig deeper. These girls aren’t about the sexual image they portray, they’re about fighting for freedom and feminism. They go against society’s conventions and stand up for what they believe in. From a young age the girls sold hand-made soap for charity and thus the name ‘SoapGirls’ was born.
The SoapGirls new release ‘Society’s Rejects’ will come out on July 28th and will feature the seriously catchy title track ‘Society’s Rejects’ transporting the listener straight back to the London punk scene where Dr.Martens took over the streets of London! Sticking true to their genre, ‘Waters Edge’ opens with a squeal and sings ‘fuck society’ making a strong statement over what these girls are all about. Track seven reflects the vocals of one of the greatest pop stars to hit the music scene this decade, Lady Gaga. ‘Original Sin’ is strong, it’s gritty and it’s filthy rock ‘n’ roll at its finest.
Bonus track ‘Bad Bitch’ was written two days after the girls were awfully attacked in Hastings after having a red substance thrown over them and their equipment. This track was written to be the stiff middle finger to stick to those who attacked them that night and also as a symbol that they won’t take shit from anyone again! A fantastic example of how their experiences and beliefs form the foundation for their music and the result is something quite extraordinary.
The SoapGirls seriously pack a punch and they are here to stay. With catchy chorus’, rockin’ riffs and tonnes of energy, these girls are ready to scream and shout about what they believe in with ‘Society’s Rejects’ out July 28th.
Society’s Rejects
 Track Listing 
01. Society’s Rejects
02. Jonny Rotten
03. Waters Edge
04. Party In Hell
05. Air
06. Step Outside
07. Original Sin 4:00
08. Sam’s On Crack
09. You Hate Losing
10. Drag You down
11. Play With Fire
12. Break You
13. Bury Me
Bonus tracks:
14. Rather Be Dead
15. Bad Bitch
The SoapGirls: Party In Hell UK dates 
The 22nd Hard Rock Cafe Live Room Glasgow
Fri 23rd Wildfire Festival
Sat 24th Gourock Bar
Wed 28th The Thunderbolt Bristol
Fri 30th The Doghouse Nottingham
Sat 1st  Only Anarchists Are Pretty Grimsby Yardbirds
Thu 6th Lower George Inn
Fri 7th  Festival Vic Bikers Club Coalville
Sat 8th  Dares Bar   Birmingham
Sun 9th  Sixfields Rock festival Rock and Bike
Fri14th  Rock And Bike
Sat 15th  New Cross Inn London
Fri  21st Surya , King Cross London
Sun 23th The Kingbilly Rock Bar Northampton
Thur 27th Arches  Coventry
Fri 28th Rigger  Stoke On Trent
Sat 29th Giffard Arms Wolverhampton
Tues 1st  Fulford Arms  York
Thur 3rd  Rebellion Festival
Fri 4th Rebellion Festival / After show
Sat 5th The Venue  Selby
Fri 11th  Fibbers  Ireland
Sun 13th  Stags head  Dundalk
Thur 17th Hagans Bar & Bar Bella  Dungannon
Sat 19th Bogans Bar  Omagh
Tickets available from

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