Saint Apache

Explosive alternative rock band Saint Apache hail from a southern UK town. Due to release their latest EP ‘Wolf Machine’ on Friday 21st July which is not short of relevance in today’s society given the current political climate, and pulls influence from one of the greatest politically charged bands, ‘Rage Against The Machine’.

Saint Apache are quickly gaining traction having got the single from their upcoming EP to feature on the CD available with the August 2017 issue of Metal Hammer. There’s Thom Meredith on vocals, Leo on the guitar, Adam Oarton on drums and Luis on the Bass.

The EP has a clear theme of government unrest and corporate control and focuses on fighting back against the forces that control society. Fans of Every Time I Die and Queens of the Stone Age will love the Saint Apache sound. The first track ‘You’re Not A Slave’ transports the listener back to the 1970 punk scene when the Sex Pistols ruled London with it’s aggressive yet passionate lyrical content. The single release ‘The Story Doesn’t End Here’ features a strong hard rock riff and cool rhythm that’ll get crowds bouncing. The stand out moment on this EP, and the track which contains the full essence of Saint Apache is the title track ‘Wolf Machine’, singing ‘fuck the government’ to bring a strong, rebellious and aggressive punk vibe.

Track Listing

1. You’re Not A Slave

2. The Story Doesn’t End Here

3. Half Way Dead

4. Wolf Machine

There is no doubting the passion and drive that runs through Saint Apache. Check out the video for their single ‘The Story Doesn’t End Here’ below.

Keep up to date with Saint Apache on social media:


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