Five Minutes with The Bad Flowers

Image Source: The Bad Flowers

Here at Smokin’ Vinyl I caught up with Tom, lead vocals and guitarist for The Bad Flowers just before their sold out set at The Camden Assembly formerly known as The Barfly. We chatted about musical influences and the refugee crisis!

Smokin’ Vinyl: What’s the past few gigs been like for you guys? You just got back from Vienna, so how was that?

Tom: It was awesome, long drive but, really worth it. We got to play two legendary venues where Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Prince have played.

Smokin’ Vinyl: Oh wow!

Tom: Yeah, so it’s really cool. Good to see a different culture. We got to go to Nova Rock Festival as well to watch Green Day and Rancid.

Smokin’ Vinyl: I understand from reading other interviews that you have done that Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown are one of your musical influences alongside The Who and Led Zeppelin. What’s that like supporting them?

Tom: Pretty cool. When we got the call we were all really excited. When we first started the band, Karl (drums) asked what kind of music we were into and Tyler’s band was one of them.

Smokin’ Vinyl: You’ve got some pretty interesting songs like ‘City Lights’ and ‘Run, Run, Run’. What inspired those tracks because they’re quite interesting lyrically?

Tom: ‘Run, Run, Run’ is about having no money and being away from home and wanting to get home. ‘City Lights’ is a bit more complex, it was actually written last time we were in Vienna two years ago, and it was at the height of the refugee crisis so, it has a lot to do with that. Seeing a lot of people on the streets and their getting cold.

Smokin’ Vinyl: I must admit that is one of my favourite songs purely for the words and what it means. How do your songs get written? Do you like to write them at home or do you do it on the road? Is there a particular way that you do it or is it just when it happens?

Tom: It’s when it happens. A lot of the time it’s in the lock up and we just jam and come up with a good riff or something and then the lyrics come afterwards, whatever’s in my head at the time. Like when we were in Vienna, that was there and Big Country was also written about travelling across Europe, it’s a driving song.

Smokin’ Vinyl: What’s coming up in the future for you guys?

Tom: We’ve got an album coming out at the end of the year which we are finishing off now, we’ve just got to do the vocals. At the end of the year hopefully another tour!

You can catch The Bad Flowers playing up and down the country, to find out about upcoming dates and further information on the band check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.




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