Temple Lake

Image Source: Temple Lake

Residing in London is the fantastic Temple Lake. Comprised of Jacob Hammerfelt on vocals, Rolf Salsø on guitar, Freddy Østerby on drums and Jordan Harris on bass.

The influences of this band are strongly reflected throughout this EP with the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains resonating through the tracks, but with a cool Temple Lake spin on their sound making it their own. It’s fresh, it’s cool and it’s rock ‘n’ roll.

The opening track ‘Mountain’, features vocals from Jacob Hammerfelt that feel very inspired by Eddie Vedder from the legendary Pearl Jam. Next up is ‘Heat’ which is built on a super strong bass line brought by Jordan Harris. ‘Slip Away’ has a really cool rhythm allowing the listener to have a great time dancing away at a live show. The final track on the EP is ‘Guilt Trip’ which has a hefty grunge vibe and brings me back to the greatest grunge bands that took over the 1990s.

Temple Lake have done a stunning job of channelling the sounds they love from the greatest bands and blending it into their own sound and producing some fantastic fresh music that feels both familiar yet new, and there is no doubt this band will appeal to both classic rock, prog and grunge fans, there really is something for everyone on this EP.

Track Listing
1. Mountain
2. Heat
3. Slip Away
4. Guilt Trip

Check out Temple Lake on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

Website: https://templelakeofficial.com/home
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/templelakeofficial/
Instagram: @templelakeofficial
Spotify: @Temple Lake


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