At The Sun: Debut EP

At The Sun

On 3rd June hard rock band, ‘At The Sun’ released their debut EP. Residing in London, home to some of the worlds greatest rock and roll bands such as The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, ‘At The Sun’ are set to be indestructible.

The four track EP has been crafted by Harry (vocals), Craig (drums), Chet (lead guitar), Alex (bass) and Kieron (guitar). I listen to loads of EP’s and albums created by various bands and it is sometimes tricky to find a standout moment for each member of the band and I have to say ‘At The Sun’ have done a stellar job of making each individual member have a moment to shine on this EP.

The opening track and lead single, ‘Breathe’, has a strong rhythm provided by the guitar and drums. The second track on the EP is ‘Walk On Over’, a really cheeky song with a brilliant drum section towards the end.

The third track on the EP is ‘Devil in Your Eyes’ where the guitar has a moment to shine with a heavy riff running throughout and features a wah infused solo. The fourth and final track on the EP is ‘Indestructible’, which will have you singing along due to its super catchy chorus and stadium rock feel that will draw a mass crowd for sure.

Check out ‘At The Sun’ on Facebook and Twitter and follow them for updates. This is a band you don’t want to miss out on.

Purchase the EP here:


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