Whiskey Myers live at the Electric Ballroom

Whiskey Myers performed at Camden’s Electric Ballroom on Thursday 25th May with support from southern blues rockers Buffalo Summer.

 A hot day in May saw me in a car with a good friend at the wheel on my way to London. Air conditioning on full and ‘Early Morning Shakes’ playing through the speakers. Having driven about ten minutes down the M2 an obstruction blocks both lanes in the road and the worst falls upon us. A two-car collision has taken place up ahead delaying our journey by just over an hour. We frantically look up the venue curfew times and the stage times for the support and main act thinking we might miss some or the whole show altogether. Thankfully the British emergency services performed to the highest standard and had the obstruction moved to the side of the road allowing the traffic to flow free again. Through being quite unprepared we had no water or food in the car and so we rushed to the nearest shop on our journey and grabbed the very next train that would take us into central London.

A thick air fell over the city due to recent terror attacks that took place at a major pop concert in Manchester causing a strong police presence in the streets. Finally arriving at the venue only a few minutes late, an in-depth bag search and pat down was given to every single person walking into the venue. An act supposed to put people at ease only made the reality of recent events more prominent.

The Electric Ballroom stands in the centre of Camden town in all its glory having been host to some of the most successful musical acts in history such as The Boomtown Rats, Blur, U2, Prince, The Clash, Megadeth, Public Enemy and so many more. It has also been a rehearsal space for the likes of Led Zeppelin and Sir Paul McCartney’s Wings in the early 1970’s and now the new, upcoming bands of our time are gracing the same stage as some of the greatest names to ever hit the music industry have done so before them.

Up first was southern blues rockers Buffalo Summer who performed tracks off their debut self-titled album such as ‘Down to the River’ and ‘Rolls on Through’. They also pulled tracks off their 2016 release Second Sun such as ‘Money’, ‘Make You Mine’ and ‘Little Charles’. The sound quality of the venue was second to none as no matter where you stood in the room all the instruments were crystal clear and made for a really enjoyable experience.


The whole set was performed with a huge amount of energy and charisma and one thing that really stood out about each member of Buffalo Summer is how appreciative of the crowd they were. As a member of the audience you felt valued and the merchandise available for Buffalo Summer was so reasonably priced with t-shirts, CDs, Vinyl’s and even drum skins all available for purchase for no more than £20. This is a band that is certainly worth your time and money so be sure to check them out next time they’re in a town near you.

Set List

Little Charles

Heartbreakin’ Floorshakin’

Make You Mine


Rolls On Through


Down To The River


The main act was soon due to be on stage so the crowd dissipated and went to the loo and did the all-important beer run before coming together to fill up the space in front of the stage. The sound of the south began to bellow out the speakers and on walked the members of Whiskey Myers. Opening the set was ‘On the River’ from their latest album Mud which made for a great entrance. Cody Cannon (lead vocals), took a moment to acknowledge the tragic events that took place in Manchester saying his thoughts were with those affected. This caused a change in the crowd as people began to fill up any empty gaps until the room was filled wall to wall with people who raised their hands and drinks a little bit higher and danced and clapped a little bit harder. Wails of excitement grew louder and louder and people broke off into small groups to seriously go hard on having a good time. This crowd was making a point, that no matter what, music will unite those from all walks of life and nothing will get in the way of that.



The fourth track in the set was ‘Broken Window Serenade’ which is a personal favourite of mine filled with emotion and performed with such talent. Cody’s voice really shone through this song and the entrance of Jon Knudson playing the fiddle raised the bar for the night as his playing was just exceptional. The rest of the set included ‘Bar, Guitar and a Honky Tonk Crowd’, ‘Virginia’ and ‘Frogman’ which kept the crowd dancing and singing along. Whiskey Myers did their signature cover of The White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army’ which caused a group of three men to break out into some unbelievable dancing and this spirit was kept throughout the audience. The set ended with ‘How Far’ and the crowd broke out into a huge applause.



Set List

On the River


Early Morning Shakes

Broken Window Serenade

Lightning Bugs and Rain

Some of Your Love

Bar, Guitar and a Honky Tonk Crowd

Lonely East TX Nights



Different Mold

Wild Baby Shake Me

Ballad of a Southern Man



Seven Nation Army


How Far



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