Dead Man’s Whiskey Live at The Black Heart

Image Source: Dead Man's Whiskey

Live, Loud and Ready was Dead Man’s Whiskey at their debut album launch on Saturday 6th May at The Black Heart in Camden. Supporting the event was an explosive trio of bands featuring Cairo Son, Panic Island and Wicked Stone.

The Black Heart boasts a phenomenal sound system located in the upstairs event room that creates an intimate setting making each audience member feel valued and filling them with the excitement that they are about to see the stars of the future perform the moments that end up in their biographies twenty years into their career.

Opening the night was the powerful Cairo Son. The moment Magdy, (lead guitar and vocals), began to sing, an unstoppable smile grew across my face. This is what you go to a live gig for. The sheer power of his voice completely blew me away and it was an honour to bear witness to it. The most striking thing about this set was the incredible emotion put through in the lyrics and their delivery, as an audience member you are left feeling humbled in his presence.

‘See me now
Can you blind me
It’s over now
You’ve destroyed me
I’m broken now
Can you fix me please
If I beg you now
Will you return to me’
Lyrics by Magdy Abdel-Rehim
Released: March 14th, 2016
Track: Give Me Strength
Album: Storm Clouds

Due to come out later this year is a single release featuring the fourth and fifth songs performed in the set, ‘Divorced from Humanity’ and ‘Black Heart Necklace’, which went down very well with the audience made up of a huge age range and musical taste with fans wearing Motörhead, Black Stone Cherry and Bernie Torme t-shirts. The final track ‘Lost in the Shadows’ from their latest album ‘Storm Clouds’ closed the set and what a fantastic response they received from the crowd. Unfortunately, once the set had come to an end, Cairo Son had to leave promptly to play another gig but, the hard work is starting to pay off for the trio as their fan base is constantly growing and every audience member was left wanting more from this truly class act.

Set List
Devil’s Tongue
Give Me Strength
Lion in a Cage
Divorced from Humanity
Black Heart Necklace
Lost in the Shadows
Image Source: Cairo Son

Up next was one of London’s best kept secrets, Panic Island. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this group as I had not come across them before and it is safe to say they blew the roof off the place. There is a modern feel to their sound that is reminiscent of bands like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and their performance is full of energy and strong, artistic gesturing from Arron Sans (vocalist). The riffs laid down by Vinnie Shimia (lead guitar) were stunning and technically complex yet performed effortlessly.

The third track in the set ‘We Start Fires’, featured a cool punk feel and the chorus was really catchy allowing the audience to jump in and sing-a-long. The final riff to be played in the set was a pleasant surprise as Panic Island closed with the mighty, crunchy riff from Pantera’s Domination.

Set List
Beg, Steal and Borrow
We Start Fires
Push and Pull
Battle Scars
Push and Pull
You Went Under
Kiss America
Hold Tight
Pantera’s Domination Riff
Image Source: Facebook

The third act of the night was Wicked Stone, a stadium rock band whose explosive presence really gets the crowd going. Opening the set was ‘Aint No Rest’, a riff driven, fist pumping track that everyone can get involved with. Joe Hawx (vocals) stage presence is yet to be rivalled as every moment features him gesturing at the crowd, getting everyone up and clapping, jumping and singing into the mic!

Unfortunately, during the set there was a technical hitch regarding the sound and feedback resonated throughout the venue. This meant the amp had to be turned down that lead guitarist James Forrister was using, however, to the credit of James and the sound technician, the issue was dealt with professionally and efficiently making for minimal interruption in the performance and the crowd continued to go wild for Wicked Stone.

Set List
Aint No Rest
Hit It and Quit It
Set Me On fire
One Time
The End
Another Round
Image Source: Facebook

 A whirlwind of excitement was next to hit the stage for headliners Dead Man’s Whiskey who rocked and rolled all over The Black Heart for the launch of their brand-new debut album ‘Under the Gun’ featuring Nico Rogers (vocals), Billy Kons (lead guitar), Elliott D’Alvarez (rhythm guitar), James Titley (Bass) and Charlie Gray (drums). Opening the set was ‘Live, Loud and Ready’ from the new album featuring an upbeat, fun chorus that gets the crowd involved and excited. Charlie Gray (drums) ensured they brought the cowbell for their signature cover of ‘Me and Mary Jane’ by Black Stone Cherry, a real fan favourite for live performances.

Nico Rogers (vocals) produced a heartfelt and emotional performance for ‘Make You Proud’ which brought a tear into some of the crowd members eyes making a memorable moment. The fun started to break out when Elliott D’Alvarez (rhythm guitar) and Billy Kons (lead guitar) jumped into the crowd to rock the night away with ‘War Machine’.

As the set drew to a close the crowd went wild and a roaring, continuous applause sounded as the bouncers attempted to usher the reluctant crowd out of the venue as the curfew was fast approaching. Dead Man’s Whiskey’s album launch went out with a bang and they did so well with t-shirt sales that sizes begun to run out and people had to begin placing orders!

Set List
Live, Loud and Ready
Raising Hell
Me and Mary Jane (BSC Cover)
My Year
Racing Bullet
This Fight
Wanted Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi Cover)
Make You Proud
Hoe Street
War Machine
Rooster Crows

Dead Man’s Whiskey’s debut album ‘Under the Gun’ is out now available for purchase on iTunes. Go and grab your copy!
Image Source: Dead Man's WhiskeyImage Source: Dead Man's WhiskeyImage Source: Dead Man's WhiskeyImage Source: Dead Man's Whiskey





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