Buffalo Fuzz

Image Source: buffalofuzz.bandcamp.com

Buffalo Fuzz are a two-piece heavy blues band from Minneapolis with enough grit to cover your driveway.

This is dirty rock ‘n’ roll, this is rough around the edges and there are no squeaky clean notes in sight. Inspired by some of the greatest blues musicians of all time, Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath running through their sound. You’ve got Jared Zachary on vocals, guitar, piano, bass and even organ and you have the heartbeat of the band performed by Jake Allan on the drums.

The whir of aeroplanes can be heard in the introduction to ‘The War’ giving an eerie feel, ready for Jared Zachary’s gritty vocals and fuzz fuelled guitar to kick in. The lyrical talent in this band is fantastic and particularly worth noting in ‘Ain’t Seen a Cent’ and ‘Round the Wheel’.

‘The tallest matador, my pistol dreams
I’m searching for but can’t afford
to ask for more than just another chore
to pay back the score’.

– Lyrics to ‘Round the Wheel’ by Buffalo Fuzz.  Written by Jared Zachary.

The rhythm and drum sections in ‘Round the Wheel’ are catchy and provide a strong groove that crowds can really move to at live shows. There is no mistaking that Buffalo Fuzz have a huge sound and ooze musical talent when there are only two members to the whole ensemble.

Check them out here: https://buffalofuzz.bandcamp.com. Don’t forget to look them up on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify and there is also a nice vinyl available for purchase in their merch shop!


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