Bad Touch Live at The Borderline

Image Source: Bad Touch

Bad Touch performed at a sold out, iconic London venue, The Borderline on April 8th in their final show of the Planet Rock Roadstars dual headline tour with Birmingham’s rising stars, Broken Witt Rebels.

The Borderline’s iconic stage has been graced by the likes of ZZ Top, Muse and Sheryl Crow. The venue is where Oasis filmed the video for their track, ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’, and it also features a backstage corridor decorated with the names of stars who have wandered its halls. Having recently undergone a major refurbishment, The Borderline now boasts new, stylish décor, an improved sound system and an increased, affordable drinks menu.

Bad Touch walked out to a roaring crowd, squeezed right up against the edge of the stage hungry for their explosive, blues fuelled rock ‘n’ roll. The show kicked off with ‘Good on Me’ from their 2015 album, ‘Half Way Home’ which fed the crowds appetite for some good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. This was followed up by their cry baby infused ‘Heartbreaker, Soulshaker’, reminiscent of the days guitar genius, Jimi Hendrix walked the planet.


The third track to be played was introduced by charismatic frontman Stevie Westwood, as a song about love, ‘Under My Skin’. Just as it finished, Stevie had a quick wardrobe adjustment which is inevitable when you’re as fashionable as Westwood, adorned with intricate, seventies inspired fabrics and flares.


The Delta blues resonated out of new lead guitarist, Harry Slater, exuding a cool Joe Bonamassa vibe for ‘Wise Water’. Towards the end, Stevie took a moment to acknowledge the growing ‘fan club’ he had forming in the right-hand corner of the stage thanking them for their support.


The set entered a groove laden breakdown formed by guitarist Daniel Seekings, Bassist Michael Bailey and Drummer George Drewry.  Shout-outs, screams of excitement and applauses could be heard throughout for the trio as Stevie began having some fun with crowd interaction for ‘My Mother Told Me’ after a rendition of The Black Crowes ‘Hard to Handle’.


An emotional performance flooded off the stage for ‘Take Your Time’ causing various audience members to sway and close their eyes to feel the music and a tear or two formed for the sheer power making this my favourite moment of the night. Fan favourites ‘99%’ and ‘The Mountain’ united every person in the room, rounding off the night to an explosive, class act.


I caught up with Bad Touch at the end of the gig to thank them for a fantastic night and because they are so modest and down to earth they ended up thanking me for turning up and kindly signed my CD bought from the merch stand which proved to be very popular as stock levels ran out and had to have an emergency top up!


Music fans, gig-goers and friends alike piled into various pubs around the area, one of them being ‘The Crobar’, a fantastic punk rock bar providing a great after party venue to relax in after a stunning performance provided by Bad Touch.




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