Aylith’s Flag

Image Credit: Aylith's Flag, Katy Austin.

Alternative rock band Aylith’s Flag have been frequenting local venues all over Kent with their cool rock ‘n’ roll sound. Taking influences from the likes of ‘My Chemical Romance’, ‘Marilyn Manson’ and ‘Bastille’, this is a band not to be missed!

You’ve got Brad Rolfe on vocals, James Sutcliffe on guitar & backing vocals, Katy Austin on bass and Sam Field on drums. Featuring heartfelt lyrics and an early 2000’s vibe is the brilliant ‘Cold Hearts and Brutal Eyes’. If you are after a bit more grit then ‘The Worlds End’ is the one to check out with its heavy riffs and vocals. The dynamic and rhythm of this track is also worth noting in the bass and drum beats. Check out ‘Buried’ for its kickass breakdown. My favourite track has got to be ‘M.T.K’ for its creativity and killer riffs.

Like, share and follow Aylith’s Flag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and keep a look out for upcoming events and be sure to bag yourself a ticket!



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