Exclusive Blacktop Mojo: Burn The Ships

Southern rockers Blacktop Mojo have been working hard this past year to get their second album ready, Burn The Ships, due to be released on 10th March 2017!

A huge amount of creativity and detail has gone into this album with interesting breakdowns and honest, well written lyrics, this is an album you need in your collection.

Title track, ‘Burn The Ships’, has a catchy chorus and features a gritty middle section which shows off the creativity of this band and there is so much more to come from them yet! For something soft and mellow, ‘Prodigal’ is a fantastic track for chilled out listening and poetic lyrics featuring Matt James’ signature, strong vocals.

My favourite track on the album has got to be ‘Shadows on the Wall’ for its Prog style instrumental introduction and changing dynamics that give it a diverse structure and sound. Blacktop Mojos’ stunning cover of Aerosmith’s, ‘Dream On’ is also featured on the album, a great addition I’m sure you’ll agree.

As a whole, Burn The Ships is packed full of creativity, interest and constant dynamic changes that keep the listener hooked. It is a fantastic achievement and this is just the beginning of what Blacktop Mojo have to offer for the future.

Available for pre-order now on iTunes and don’t forget to check Blacktop Mojo out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for up to date news on the band!






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