The Texas Flood

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The Texas Flood are a rock and rollin’ trio from South Wales. Their debut album is ‘Young Dogs, Old Tricks’ and they have been working hard on their second album due to be released later this year.

Young Dogs, Old Tricks features some crackin’ tracks including ‘Rock and Roll Queen’ which contains some riffs that take a subtle nod to some great classic rock songs. The guitar and lead vocals brought by Tom Sawyer in ‘Stuck on You’ and ‘Take My Time’ are the mark of a band about to take the country by storm. My personal favourite is ‘Let the Wind Blow’ for its superb rhythm and  bass line brought by Tom Williams on drums and Ben Govier on Bass. This is the track that will bring the crowd together in chorus and throw the words straight back at the band making a memorable and fantastic night for all.

Take some time to look ‘The Texas Flood’ up here and on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify. Be sure to purchase yourself a ticket or two to their next show and keep checking back for their second album ‘Over Worked & Under Paid’ due March 31st!



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