Jukebox Monkey

Image Source: us.napster.com

Southern, stoner rock band Jukebox Monkey are rising, and they’re rising fast! Consisting of four members, there’s Chris on vocals and guitar, Niki on bass, Chris H on guitar and Pete on drums. Having released two EP’s, they have now started work on their debut album due to be released later this year!

Influences for Jukebox Monkey include Black Sabbath, Motorhead and Queens Of The Stone Age. Tracks that are worth a listen include ‘Wolves’ off the EP Vs. Time which is most distinctive for its killer drum beat. Take some time to listen to ‘Dead Wait’ from the same EP for its kickass guitar riffs. Focussing on an earlier EP Southern Tried, ‘Here They Come’ is worth nothing for its interesting rhythm and dynamics. While ‘Airborne’ features some great varied vocal styles.

Take a look at Jukebox Monkey here: https://jukeboxmonkey.bandcamp.com/ and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube. Don’t forget to come along to their album launch show on April 28th at The Penny Theatre!



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