The Bad Flowers EP

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The Bad Flowers are a three piece, rock band from the UK. Influences include metal giants Black Sabbath and rock n’ roll legends The Who. Having just released their latest EP in 2016, this great band have been gaining some serious traction grabbing themselves a growing list of dates up and down the country for 2017!

Track one, ‘Can You Feel It’, has a killer guitar solo by Tom Leighton and fantastic rhythm brought by Dale Tonks on bass and Karl Selickis on drums. Track two, ‘City Lights’ has some really interesting and relatable lyrics and allows for Tom Leighton and Dale Tonks vocals to really shine. Track three, ‘Big Country’ has a great mood and the breakdown really brings the emotion to the song with Karl Selickis drum beats shining through. Track four, ‘Run, Run, Run’ features honest and personal lyrics that run throughout the whole EP. These four tracks are relatable and true to life and they allow the listener to connect and this also provides a great, intimate atmosphere at live shows.

Check these guys out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify and grab yourself a ticket to one of their upcoming shows here:


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