Joanne Shaw Taylor: White Sugar

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Kicking arse in the blues corner is Joanne Shaw Taylor. A fantastic blues musician discovered by the Eurythmics, Dave Stewart when she was just 16 years old.

White Sugar was released in 2009 and the reason I am talking about this album nearly ten years on is because it has everything you could ever want from an upcoming blues artist. Tracks such as ‘Going Home’, ‘Just Another Word’ and ‘Time Has Come’ to name a few, have such meaningful and relatable lyrics for the listener that they become addictive just for that reason alone.

A lot of thought has gone into this album and this is particularly apparent in the construction of the riffs and solos because there are a lot of little details and well placed small touches, I hear something new each time I listen. Track 5, ‘Time Has Come’ is the reason I bought this album and it is also what caught my attention about Joanne Shaw Taylor. The guitar speaks to you, a classic characteristic of the blues, then the solo elevates and keeps on going and it hits on a personal level, and brings through that raw emotion that so many of us have experienced.

I go back to my childhood when I listen to this album, resonating influences of Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Joe Bonamassa, something my parents brought me up on. Joanne Shaw Taylor is a huge inspiration and it is wonderful to have a female blues artist on the current scene, certainly encouraging me to get to grips with my guitar!

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  1. As a blues fan I’m really pleased to see a young lady making it. Without a doubt, one of the best blues artists from the UK in the past few years and that voice.


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