Behind the Scenes: Hair Trigger

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On a cold, wet, windy January evening I venture out with a big coat and Dr Martens to a small studio on the outskirts of the city where I meet up with nu metal band Hair Trigger.

All dressed in boots, jeans and t-shirts still drying off from the rain, Hair Trigger begin to set up their equipment consisting of pedals, microphones, stands and a huge amount of leads trailing all over the floor. Aidan (drums) and Karl (lead guitar) start to warm up first playing Stone Sour’s ‘Hell and Consequences’ and half way during the track, Jack comes in after finishing his cigarette to start testing the microphones. Unfortunately, Will Mihr (bass) was not able to attend the rehearsal as he is currently away and won’t be back until early February.

The first song of the evening is ‘Sic’ by Slipknot, a major inspiration for the band, where the friendship and group connection of the members begins to show. It is like watching a group of brothers who have grown up together and they are performing their favourite songs with love and passion. Karl and Aidan bring the backing vocals to support Jack (lead vocals) whilst performing their main parts exceptionally well, simultaneously.

After this, Hair Trigger jumped straight into ‘People = Shit’ which showed off the bands incredible timing and Karl and Jack both jumped and released energy at the same time which demonstrated they are in sync with the feel of the music as well as the structured timing. This same synchronisation was also dominant in ‘Liberate’ where Karl and Jack shared the same microphone for some of the vocal sections which proved how well they gel on stage.

By the fourth song, ‘Left Behind’, all three members fully loosen up, Jack moves around providing a stronger stage presence, Karl jumps around the room and Aidan gives increased energy in his drumming. The fifth song to be performed is ‘Eeyeore’ where each member really shines as the track is very fast paced and Karl and Aidan’s hands become blurry and Jack’s vocals become stronger and more gritty providing a really passionate, energetic performance.

After five songs, Hair Trigger decide to take a short break and in this time I use the opportunity to ask them a few questions.

  1. How is a Hair Trigger song typically formed or is it different every time?
    Jack: ‘We start off with a rough idea and style, so Karl might begin to play a riff and then we write the lyrics and mould them to the sound.’
  2. Antipresence is a really unique sound, how did that come about?
    Karl: ‘I wrote the riff two years before the band formed with the intention of it going into a metal song, however, I wasn’t actually listening to metal music at the time. It felt like it wrote itself because everything flowed seamlessly together.’
    Jack: ‘When the band formed, Karl showed it to me and we bounced off each other which helped me to write the lyrics.’
    Aidan: ‘When I joined the band a short while later, I chose to change the drums and make them my own.’

    Following the completion of their first gig on 2nd December 2016 at The Attic in Ashford, I wanted to get some more information on what that was like for Hair Trigger.
  3. What was your favourite/most memorable moment of your first gig?
    Karl: ‘Relentless being sung back to us by everyone in the crowd.’
    Jack: ‘Being told we set the bar high and made other peoples nights.’
    Aidan: ‘Being sat at the drum kit and looking out at the audience asking myself if this is a dream.’
  4. Do you have any advice for younger bands starting out that are looking to get gigs?
    Karl: ‘Find committed people and don’t take shit from those within the band. It’s important you are all on the same page, you need to persevere and never give up.’
    Jack: ‘Set yourself goals.’
    Aidan: ‘Get yourself a decent audio station and download Pro Tools to help market your work.’
  5. What do we have to look forward to in the coming year?
    Jack: ‘Getting the demo and full EP completed.’ The band then finished off the session playing some originals, firstly ‘End of the Road’ and then ‘Relentless’ which is incredibly catchy and worthy of being a single. When this band performs, the connection between members and the passion they have for their music really shines through and it is a real pleasure to watch. Don’t forget to check Hair Trigger out on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and like, share, follow and subscribe to stay tuned for upcoming dates and new material.



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