Stone Broken

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Introducing hard rock band Stone Broken from the West Midlands. Featuring heavy riffs, gritty vocals and a huge amount of energy, Stone Broken are ones not to be missed.

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I first discovered this band at the Ramblin’ Man festival in the summer of 2016 and what really stood out was their crowd engagement and energetic performance, they were not shy or afraid to shout out at the crowd, and this certainly worked in their favour as front man Rich Moss soon had the crowd singing right back at him! This instantly caught my attention and once their set finished, I went straight to the merchandise stand to pick up a copy of their debut album ‘All in Time’ released earlier that year.

Taking inspiration from classic rock bands such as Nickleback, the album offers catchy chorus’ and a timeless quality that thousands of people will fall in love with all over the globe. Track 2, ‘Better’, speaks some great advice of self-improvement which is crucial to getting the listener to relate and engage, the breakdown towards the end of the track provides a moment for Rich’s vocals to shine.

If you are seeking some heavier riffs and a faster paced drum beat listen to ‘Let Me Go’ which is sung with passion and meaning. Track 6, ‘Save Tomorrow’, features an awesome guitar solo performed by Chris Davis and the bass lines laid down by Kieron Conroy are killer. The heartbeat of the band is provided by fantastic drummer, Robyn Haycock who keeps the energy and rhythm of the band alive.

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Check out Stone Broken here: for latest tour dates and to purchase tickets and don’t forget to like, share, download on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and iTunes.


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