Bar, Guitar and A Honky Tonk Crowd

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From the southern state of Texas I bring to you Whiskey Myers. I first met this band through a wireless speaker in my bedroom when a friend played Broken Window Serenade. I listened intently and the story that unfolded was really quite sad but, also powerful and from then on I was hooked.

The first track I downloaded was Early Morning Shakes, a staple to every Whiskey Myers live show and it is also the title track to their third album. The backing vocals in Hard Row to Hoe bring a fantastic energy to the track and the guitar solo rocks!

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Bar, Guitar and A Honky Tonk Crowd, the first track off of their second album Firewater has an original, southern sound that makes you want to get up and dance. Ballad of a Southern Man really shows off the bands writing abilities and it tells an interesting, yet personal story which really encompasses the bands main characteristics of being proud to be southern, passionate and full of raw talent. There’s a relaxed and live sound to Turn it Up with the introduction to the track coming from front man Cody Cannon. The guitar opening Strange Dreams is not to be missed, these guys can seriously play their instruments.

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Mud is their fourth album released in 2016 and the first thing you hear is a beautiful fiddle played by Jon Knudson. This album on the whole has a thicker sound which is even better live. I was lucky enough to watch a live feed of the tour for Mud and I was so blown away by how talented they were that as soon as tickets came on sale for the 2017 tour, I was straight there! Touring the US and Europe, check them out here and bag yourself a ticket before they sell out: .

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What more can you want from a band? They are passionate, extremely talented in everything they play & write and there is a track to suit every mood from blue to party. Don’t forget to follow, like, share on Spotify, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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