Bad Touch: Truth Be Told

Bluesy, good old fashioned rock n’ roll. Bad Touch are bringing fresh, great music back to our concert halls, living rooms and ears!

The opening vocals in ‘Waiting for This’ give a real ‘Yes!’ moment and a little nod to rock legends Led Zeppelin can be heard in the guitar riff here too!

‘Heartbreaker Soulshaker’ has some gorgeous use of the Whammy pedal in there and ‘Take your Time’ is a great, mellow track with a lot of personal emotion. While ‘Healing Hand’ features vocals that remind me of Glenn Hughes in Black County Communion.

This is an all round, great band with many classic rock influences that have given the band a timeless, vintage sound that millions of music fans will just fall in love with.

Truth Be Told is the new Bad Touch album and I suggest all you rock, blues, music fans go out and grab it right now!

You can catch these guys as part of The Planet Rock Roadstars Tour with Broken Witt Rebels. Tickets are available here: . Don’t forget to check them out on Spotify, Facebook and Instagram!

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