Life on Mars

A year ago today, the world lost its Starman. David Bowie was one of the greatest pop icons in history, writing with such precision and passion that people would fall in love with his work and musicians for generations would be inspired by him.

He was an artist in every sense of the word. From his clothes to his genetics of two, distinctly different eyes, he was a living piece of art. Everything was thought out and crafted to perfection. The lyrics to Life on Mars tell a fantastic story and his writing is up there with the best writers in history such as George Orwell, William Wordsworth, Virginia Woolf and John Steinbeck. He understood words, metaphors and how to structure them to convey emotions and stories and for me, Life on Mars is a masterpiece. The introduction on piano sets the mood and as the strings begin, the chorus is sung. The song is about a young girls reaction to the media however, it can be interpreted in many different ways.

“As David himself explained in The Complete David Bowie: “I think she finds herself disappointed with reality… that although she’s living in the doldrums of reality, she’s being told that there’s a far greater life somewhere, and she’s bitterly disappointed that she doesn’t have access to it.”


The Jean Genie, Starman, Rebel Rebel, Let’s Dance. Bowie was not short of hits and each and every song is full of brilliant metaphors that get across a point that would ordinarily take a few hundred words but, instead a small handful of cleverly selected words are used to concisely, convey the same point. The genius of The Starman is never far away with beautifully thought out tracks such as Space Oddity expelling a huge, otherworldly feel and Heroes which tells a love story in the most unique way.

Bowie was always reinventing himself with his image and sound which has led him to leave a firm mark on not just music but fashion as well. He opened the door for people to express themselves and be who they wanted to be and to dress how they wanted to dress. Ziggy Stardust is an icon for so many people for so many different reasons and the world on this day, exactly one year ago lost a true hero of music, fashion and equality and he will never be forgotten.



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