Broken Witt Rebels: Georgia Pine EP

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The new EP released this year by the Broken Witt Rebels is the fantastic Georgia Pine. There is no denying the first time I heard this band I instantly thought Kings of Leon but, that doesn’t mean they are the same, they have their own unique sound and I’m sure you’ll love it. Picture being at a festival on a hot, sunny day with a cold beer with the Broken Witt Rebels playing and singing their hearts out. Sounds good right?

The best track on the EP for me is Low. It has great, catchy riffs and the vocals are strong and passionate, this is particularly noticeable after the first chorus. I find the structure of this song quite unusual, that’s not to say it hasn’t been done before, but it’s not generic, as it doesn’t follow the common verse, chorus, verse format. There is a kind of pre – chorus and breakdown quite early on in the track but, I think this makes it interesting and a great listen. The sound effect at the end of the track of an audience clapping is a great addition as it creates a great atmosphere of listening to the band live.

Suzie and title track Georgia Pine are great, chilled songs giving off that festival vibe while Georgia Pine in particular has some funky guitar going on! Getaway Man has some beautiful, heartfelt lyrics that are sung with passion and Guns to finish off the EP is a great track for a whole crowd to unite and sing together straight back at the band.

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Overall, a great, chilled out EP. The perfect soundtrack to your summer! Don’t forget to check these guys out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and iTunes. Their EP is available for purchase from their website or download it from iTunes and don’t forget they are touring in 2017,  I’ve got my ticket, have you got yours?





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