Underground Music Scene

Image Source: edgetulsa.com

The underground music scene is something of an anomaly. Filled with musicians who exhaust themselves at every turn in shoe box sized venues, sometimes packed, sometimes near empty, of fans who crave the music that deviates from the mainstream.

Image Source: www.electronicbeats.com
Image Source: http://www.electronicbeats.com

The beauty of the underground scene is that it often houses some real gems that fans can experience up close and personal before they grow so big that by the time you go and see the same band that you saw in a local pub down the high street, you’re now two miles back hardly able to see, somewhere in the middle of Wembley Stadium with a much less intimate and some may argue enjoyable experience, so it’s worth treasuring the humble moments of the underground before they become untouchables.

I feel for a lot of musicians currently at the bottom who despair those who make their career the believed easy way, through various methods present in today’s popular culture given the stories I have read about those trying to make it by carrying around guitars, keyboards, amplifiers (which, if you have ever tried to slide one along the floor an inch, you will understand can be heavy) in the rain, cold, strong winds, up and down flights of stairs and that’s not even the harshest of experiences. Musicians get their equipment stolen, suffer betrayal from other members of their band and receive constant rejection over music they have been working at for years.

I have had some amazing experiences on the underground scene and I’m sure some of you have to. It’s worth reminiscing on those because they can be so short lived. Bands form and die all the time and some of the ticket prices go for absolute peanuts so it’s definitely a career path for the insanely passionate and fans should take advantage and discover as many bands as they can before they become huge because not only do they need the support but those special intimate moments won’t last forever.

Image Source: calvertjournal.com
Image Source: calvertjournal.com

Here is a quick list and accompanying details of a few underground bands I recommend you go and check out right now and get yourself that special moment!

Don’t forget to look these bands up on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and follow, subscribe, like, share whatever makes you happy and support the underground scene of music.


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