Blacktop Mojo: I Am

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‘I Am’ is Blacktop Mojo’s first studio album released in 2014. Bursting with heavy rock riffs and stunning, gritty vocals this is a must-have purchase for any lover of music.

I first discovered this band via their cover of Aerosmith’s Dream On, a song I have loved for years, and I must admit I was apprehensive to hear a cover of such a classic song done by a band I hadn’t heard of. I was completely blown away by it and in some respects I prefer it, for it’s grittier and has a heavier style that really works and those high vocals? Well, Matt James absolutely annihilates them to perfection. Brilliant.

As soon as you hear the opening riff to Open Road you will instantly fall in love with Blacktop Mojo. How can you not? It is so good!

‘Singing songs about the south life, living life like a simple man.’ – Blacktop Mojo

This track is clearly about the band having that rockstar lifestyle, writing, singing and having a simple life. They’re modest and humble and that just makes them all the more likeable. Don’t ignore that awesome drum beat laid down by Nathan Gillis particularly noticeable in the last half of the track.

The title track ‘I Am’ stays true to the band and has a strong message of being yourself and not changing for anyone which I think is a really positive and healthy message particularly in today’s society. It’s strong, punchy and true to the self, themes that echo throughout the whole album. Check out those gorgeous, crunchy guitar riffs by Ryan Kiefer and Kenneth Irwin on Rhythm!

The intro to The River reminds me of Alanis Morissette’s Front Row, which I think is because of the slight distortion in the vocal style due to the layering, they are of course very different tracks on the whole. The River is my favourite on the album because the lyrics are so meaningful ‘there’s nowhere to hide from the thunder’ can be applied to so many situations in life and come to think of it what an awesome tattoo idea!

‘I Will Ramble On’ has a subtle nod to the legends that are Led Zeppelin, while ‘Why’ gives a chilled out, melodic feel to the album. Want something you can really move to that’s strong, punchy and just full of awesome? Johnny Red is the one for you with that killer bass by Matt Curtis!

I struggle to find a band that these guys are similar to because they are so unique in their sound and they have produced an excellent hard rock album that is so addictive I just can’t stop listening to it! I Am: Blacktop Mojo is absolutely fantastic that I cannot fault it in any way. Just brilliant!

Check them out right now at iTunes, Facebook, Instagram or their own kickass website: I’m serious.. Go now! You won’t be disappointed!



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